My name is Richard Stife. I live in Arizona in the United States of America. I’ve lived a rather short life contracting deadly cancer when I was 5 years old and going through radiation therapy. I am now 22 years old and life seems just so so. I was just told by my Doctors approximately 30 minutes ago that I have 2 months left to live. They explained to me that i’m already a miracle child or existence considering that I’ve beaten cancer 8 times and now the cancer has spread through my entire body reaching everywhere except my brain.

I don’t know if I have any regrets and alot of mistakes since I’ve always been in the hospital due to my medical condition. I mean my parents are one of the wealthiest couples in the world and they’ve spent about a 1,000,000 dollars trying to keep me alive and have donated more than 20,000,000 dollars to the Research for Cancer society. However in the end, it was for nothing, I am going to die relatively soon.

So I can’t walk anymore because the cancer has crippled my nerve receptors in my legs. I can’t talk anymore because my throat is punctured with feeding tube and the only thing I can do is look out of a window in this white wall medical room.

I look at the scenic view and wonder what my life would be like if I was born with a normal body and immune system and I wouldn’t have had cancer. I’ve often thought about it but at the end of the day it’s all a part of my destiny. I can’t influence fate. So I wonder if there is a next life for me. I wonder if it’s like the Christian philosophy of heaven and hell and I’ll go to heaven…

I’ve been a good person with this life I have had so far, I’ve been a faithful son, I’ve been a loving brother to my younger sister, and I’ve always listened to my parents.

I’ve learned many things from the internet and its amazing at how much information there is. The one thing I truly enjoyed was wuxia light novels. I mean the whole idea of reincarnating and being transported to another world seemed amazing to me and it helped ease the pain of my cancer.

When I slept I dream of entering an alternate universe and battling using magic and chi. I’ve been through so much pain and trouble. The only way I escape is through my dreams. I hope God is generous to me and gives me a better life if there is one.

Well The Doctors have moved me to another room to let the next cancer patient in, and with that being said I know my time is short. A nurse comes in to let me know I have less than 24 hours until the cancer spreads to my brain and destroys it rendering me brain dead.

I look at this nurse for a good while and smile. Her name is Judith Hill, She’s been taking care of me since I was 5. She is amazing and so kind. She’s been a good friend all these years of suffering and pain.

She looks at me as I look at her and she smiles and says ” Richy its all okay, you won’t have to suffer anymore.” I smile and Nod my head as i felt my neck stiffening.I look at her and as i lose the feeling in my jaw slowly I look up at the ceiling, as tears start rolling down and the feeling in my ears go numb.

My forehead goes numb and I ask one last simple question in my head as I lose the feeling in my head, “I wonder where I’ll being going next and I hope God blesses me.” My consciousness starts to fade and just like that everything goes blank. However I realize my consciousness of myself isn’t completely faded and I realize that I can still think. “What’s going on, “I think to myself. I realize I start to hear noises and I can feel my body again. Before I knew It something had happened. I realized I was crying and I could hear people talking.

“It’s a Boy” Someone says aloud. Two people start yelling and crying in loud voices that contain joy and happiness. A male dominate voice rings out in the room, “Beth see I told you it would be a boy, ah look at my son, he has your eyes Beth. Beth responds with a weak voice, “Ah Tim, He has your nose and face” and Beth Smiles. Another female voice rings out as I start assuming she is a nurse, a statement is ushered “he is an extremely healthy boy madam and we’ll have to keep here for two weeks until he can open his eyes and make sure nothing goes a miss with his health.


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