Book 1: Chapter One

I realize a couple of things now that time has gone by a bit. The first thing is that I reincarnated and that I am new born baby. My parents’ names are Tim Lace and Beth Lace. My family is considered upper class aristocrats. If I had to simplify then my family is considered the most prestigious family under the royal family of King Willis. The current reign of King Willis has been going on for over 30,000 years. Oh right this place is not like earth from where I am from. As I’ve heard from conversations and reading books, I’ve learned a lot about this world already but then again it’s just a drop of water in the ocean. The Lace family is considered the right hand of the Willis Empire and has been around for over 28,000 years. The Empire of Willis expands over 800 conquered kingdoms, 15 dynasties, and 30 empires. The Willis Empire is considered one of the elite empires in this world.

This world is definitely not like earth because it basically contains every myth, legend, and supernatural occurrence that earthlings imagine in their wildest dreams. There are many races like elves, dwarfs and demon races like succubus, Orcs, and many more. I realized also that this world is also separated into different dimensions and continents, planes, and worlds. I am born in the celestial plane; the world in which i live in is called Feather-heart World. My name is Richard Lace. I am 3 years old now and I am son of Tim lace and Beth Lace. Tim Lace is my father; he is Supreme Commander of the royal army and his own developed special corps. The Draconian Feather Corps is under my father command for the last 50 years. My father is 65 years old.

My father is somewhat a legend to say. Tim lace also nicknamed the Hammer of Justice, Demon King’s Right hand, God’s fury, and his most renowned title Supreme Warrior in the Light Plane. My father when he was 15 challenged the Supreme Commander Chris Wallace of the Willis Empire and wanted  for the command of military forces under the Willis Empire. The only way to remove a supreme commander is through a death battle. I will tell you the tale of my father with an audience of over 100 million people challenging supreme commander whose age was 35. He who is twice my father his age steps up to the arena stage.  My father steps into the arena stage as well, wielding two black swords, wearing a full leather army course set stained red from the blood he as shed over 800 kingdoms, 15 dynasties, and 30 empires along with his boots white as the clouds in the sky. He smiles as looks at the supreme commander Chris Wallace. The emperor sitting within the his royal chair and stares as he watches the two step up into the arena stage and he smiles.

Emperor Leonard Willis The fourth starts speaking to the crowd of 100 million. He says “thank you all for attending today we have the youngest most promising warrior ever born in the light Plane “Tim Morse Lace, with the age of 15 challenging my very own supreme commander Chris Wallace with the age of 35. Both men and beast a like, both have served my empire beautifully, but as one must know a mountain cannot hold two tigers so today we shall see whose metal is hotter! Whose blood runs faster! Whose sword swings quicker! And whose absolute strength and domination deserves my empires position of supreme commander of over 800 kingdoms, 15 dynasties and 30 empires!” The Crowd bursts in roars in joy and expectation. The emperor raises his hand and the crowd quiets.

The referee goes up to the stage as he looks over to right looking at Tim Lace and looking to his left at Chris Wallace. He thinks to himself “the black tiger of frosted north versus the most promising warrior in the last 10,000 years. What a fierce fight this will be. He is amused.”

The referee looks up at the Emperor and the Emperor nods his head slowly. The referee blows his whistle and speaks aloud; When I blow my whistle again you may begin the death match, and he raises his voice using magic throughout the arena, Winner takes all and the losers head shall be hung for 3 days on the Control headquarters, the victors name will be announced using the blood of the loser throughout the entire empire using blood chi.

The referee backs up a good 300 yards. He looks left and right and then smiles as he yells “Commence the Death Match!, he blows his whistle as the Tim is the first one to launch himself twirling his blades towards the commanders shield and sword.


His blade scratches the surface of the shield as he twirls over the commander’s defensive stance and his left sword in a his hand flips over as his opponents’ sword comes up to block the sword strike. Tim starts slashing rapidly using what this world calls Magic Chi. In this world Magic and Chi for are intertwined and its singular energy that incorporates both magic arts and martial arts.


Every person is born with Magic Chi and they can use it to complete day by day activities. but for those who use magic chi for war, battles, and conquests, there is another way to use it. Cultivation of Magic Battle chi is that way. People start training their bodies from a young age to change their chi nature of their magic chi to fit certain uses of life.


For example if a person wants to become an assassin they must cultivate dark magic chi which would allow them to stealth and attack using assassin techniques but also black magic, poison arts and magic and more.

There are many types of magic chi in the universe as well as special chis that are on brought about through special environments and circumstances. Some of these are blood chi, ice chi, heart chi, rainbow chi, and etc. People can also have multiple types of chi based on their talents for example the Pill king has fire chi, water chi, darkness chi. He is known as Triple element Chi practitioner.

The types of chi are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Darkness, and Nature being the rarest of them all because Nature encompasses all of the elements.

Tim activates his Battle Fire Chi as he slams his swords in a twirling arc initiating a sword fire technique known as ‘Flaming Devil Sword Dance.’ Tim’s blades grow hot and fierce as they start to clash faster and faster against his opponents shield.

Chris initiates a shield bash against Tim’s onslaught of flaming swords and dash forward initiating his light chi while executing the a light sword technique known as “Heaven’s Stroke.” Chris’s sword strikes out vibrantly as his single sword stroke illuminates a path of destruction heading towards Tim. Tim yells “Flaming Devil Sword Duel Serpent Strike!” as two devil like serpents rush out from Tim’s’ twirling blade dance clashing with a the lighting fast light strike from Chris. Both strikes cancel each other.

The emperor looks at the clashing sword and usage of chi in battle and smiles while thinking “marvelous, I can’t believe I’m seeing this, they’re equally matched. What a monster that kid Tim is.” The battle continues on with strikes of fire and light clashing against one and another.

Chris and Tim come to a standstill staring out each other as they both know they have only so much energy left after battling for an hour already.

Tim smiles and speaks, “how about we finish this in one more bout, your strongest strike versus mine?” Chris nods his head and says “Sure, but don’t have any regrets in your next life because of this. You’re foolish to think you can beat me in one strike.” Tim Smiles, and says “whatever you say Su-pr-em-e Comm-an-derr-.” Chris drops his shield and gets into an offensive stance as his light chi skyrockets. Tim’s smile goes mute as he too gets into an offensive stance initiating his Fire chi as well.

Chris and Tim exchange a final glance and then they both disappear initiating their fastest footwork technique and executing their most powerful single strike attack. Chris yells “God’s Judgement!” as light spreads from his sword strike while Tim yells” Single Stroke of the Devil Resentment!”
Both moves clash as Tim lands over on Chris side of the Stage and Chris lands over on Tim’s side. Tim turns around and looks at Chris as blood starts spewing out of Tim’s shoulder drenching his entire right side in his blood. Tim slams his sword into the ground as he stares at Chris with a smile.

Chris staring at Tim with shocked expression as his Head falls off his shoulders and blood starts squirting out of his torso like a water fountain. The referee appears in the middle of the stage “Victor! Tim Lace!” The Crowd erupts in crazed cheers and applauding. “What a fierce ending”, many in the audience thinks to themselves.

The emperor stands and raises his hand as the crowd goes mute. The emperor starts speaking “Congratulations Tim Lace for being the youngest supreme commander in the entire history of the Willis Empire. I must seriously congratulation you’ve given me many surprises and now it’s time for the rewards. On a side note, I look very forward to working with such a prodigy.”

The emperor speaks again “The rewards that shall be given are the supreme commanders position and authority, 100million Gold Coins, and Special medallion that shall be passed down in your family. This special medallion shall give you authority to pick a piece of land to your liking and authorized ownership to you and you only.

The emperor smiles and speaks again “This concludes the battle and I will head back to my palace!” The emperor leaves and many nobles do as well. Meanwhile for weeks many commoners and nobles speak of this battle and my father’s honor and reputation soars over the land.

This is the story and legend of my father who at the age of 15 took on the supreme commander Chris Wallace and won.  So you can guess that I have a lot to live up to huh? Well back to me now.


Book 1: Journey from Another World


My name is Richard Stife. I live in Arizona in the United States of America. I’ve lived a rather short life contracting deadly cancer when I was 5 years old and going through radiation therapy. I am now 22 years old and life seems just so so. I was just told by my Doctors approximately 30 minutes ago that I have 2 months left to live. They explained to me that i’m already a miracle child or existence considering that I’ve beaten cancer 8 times and now the cancer has spread through my entire body reaching everywhere except my brain.

I don’t know if I have any regrets and alot of mistakes since I’ve always been in the hospital due to my medical condition. I mean my parents are one of the wealthiest couples in the world and they’ve spent about a 1,000,000 dollars trying to keep me alive and have donated more than 20,000,000 dollars to the Research for Cancer society. However in the end, it was for nothing, I am going to die relatively soon.

So I can’t walk anymore because the cancer has crippled my nerve receptors in my legs. I can’t talk anymore because my throat is punctured with feeding tube and the only thing I can do is look out of a window in this white wall medical room.

I look at the scenic view and wonder what my life would be like if I was born with a normal body and immune system and I wouldn’t have had cancer. I’ve often thought about it but at the end of the day it’s all a part of my destiny. I can’t influence fate. So I wonder if there is a next life for me. I wonder if it’s like the Christian philosophy of heaven and hell and I’ll go to heaven…

I’ve been a good person with this life I have had so far, I’ve been a faithful son, I’ve been a loving brother to my younger sister, and I’ve always listened to my parents.

I’ve learned many things from the internet and its amazing at how much information there is. The one thing I truly enjoyed was wuxia light novels. I mean the whole idea of reincarnating and being transported to another world seemed amazing to me and it helped ease the pain of my cancer.

When I slept I dream of entering an alternate universe and battling using magic and chi. I’ve been through so much pain and trouble. The only way I escape is through my dreams. I hope God is generous to me and gives me a better life if there is one.

Well The Doctors have moved me to another room to let the next cancer patient in, and with that being said I know my time is short. A nurse comes in to let me know I have less than 24 hours until the cancer spreads to my brain and destroys it rendering me brain dead.

I look at this nurse for a good while and smile. Her name is Judith Hill, She’s been taking care of me since I was 5. She is amazing and so kind. She’s been a good friend all these years of suffering and pain.

She looks at me as I look at her and she smiles and says ” Richy its all okay, you won’t have to suffer anymore.” I smile and Nod my head as i felt my neck stiffening.I look at her and as i lose the feeling in my jaw slowly I look up at the ceiling, as tears start rolling down and the feeling in my ears go numb.

My forehead goes numb and I ask one last simple question in my head as I lose the feeling in my head, “I wonder where I’ll being going next and I hope God blesses me.” My consciousness starts to fade and just like that everything goes blank. However I realize my consciousness of myself isn’t completely faded and I realize that I can still think. “What’s going on, “I think to myself. I realize I start to hear noises and I can feel my body again. Before I knew It something had happened. I realized I was crying and I could hear people talking.

“It’s a Boy” Someone says aloud. Two people start yelling and crying in loud voices that contain joy and happiness. A male dominate voice rings out in the room, “Beth see I told you it would be a boy, ah look at my son, he has your eyes Beth. Beth responds with a weak voice, “Ah Tim, He has your nose and face” and Beth Smiles. Another female voice rings out as I start assuming she is a nurse, a statement is ushered “he is an extremely healthy boy madam and we’ll have to keep here for two weeks until he can open his eyes and make sure nothing goes a miss with his health.